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Robbinsdale City Hall

Robbinsdale City Hall

4100 Lakeview Avenue North
Robbinsdale, MN 55422


Robbinsdale has a Council-City Manager system.

The governing body consists of four council members and a mayor elected for staggered four-year terms.

Robbinsdale residency is the only qualification to hold these offices.

The terms for the Mayor and Council Members for Wards I and II expire on December 31, 2016.

The terms for Council Members for Wards III and IV expire on December 31, 2014.

The Mayor's salary for 2008-13 is $10,151 per year. Each Council Member receives $8,097 per year.

The City Council formulates the city policy. The City Manager is responsible for city administration. Our City Manager is Marcia Glick.

The council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7pm Meetings are held at the Robbinsdale City Hall —4100 Lakeview Avenue North. All meetings are open to the public but confirm meeting schedule. Sign up for meeting notifications.

The calendar for regular meetings of the Council and Advisory Commissions is updated annually.


City Council and Administrator
Mission Statement: Our Hometown

  • Our community of citizens and businesses—dedicated, proud and involved.
  • Our government—accessible, accountable, open and compassionate.
  • Our resources—prudently allocated and equitably provided.
Ward 1
Bill Blonigan
Ward 2
Dan Rogan
Ward 3
George Selman
Ward 4
Pat Backen
Regan Murphy
City Administrator
Marcia Glick

Contact the mayor or your council member using e-mail or phone, or by mailing correspondence to City Hall, 4100 Lakeview Avenue North, Robbinsdale, MN. 55422.

Mayor Regan Murphy 763-257-0368
Ward 1 William A. Blonigan 763-537-7776
Ward 2 Dan Rogan 763-533-6874
Ward 3 George Selman 763-533-2661
Ward 4 Pat Backen 763-439-6454
Pat Backen's Backen Blog


Internal Departments

  • Public Relations and Central Communications
  • Overall City Management
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management



City Budget and Annual Financial Reports

Annual Budget

The Finance Department annually prepares the City Budget Document. The document includes all operations of the City and is used to communicate the City’s organizational goals and policies, and financial plan for the coming year. The Budget also serves as an operations guide, describing the activities and services provided by the City.

Internal Departments

  • Fiscal Management and Investments
  • Accounts payable
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll
  • Monitoring the fiscal operations of the Robin Center Liquor Store and Deputy Registrar's Office

Profits from the liquor store and deputy registrar are used to supplement revenues for general government operations.


Cost of Basic Government Services

The City of Robbinsdale collects property taxes from property owners to pay for basic government services:

  • Administration—The Administration function accounts for direct activities related to the City Council, general administration, assessing, finance, and elections. This function ensures that government services as established by the City Council are being delivered in an accountable manner.
  • Community Development—Residents are served through maintaining and improving the Community’s physical features through planning, official controls, housing programs, and redevelopment.
  • Police Protection—The Police Department is committed to providing citizens with a safe community through continuous patrols, traffic enforcement, crime investigation, school liaison services, and emergency responses.
  • Fire Protection—The Fire Department is committed to serving the citizens by protecting their lives and property through the provision of fire prevention and suppression services.
  • Recreation—Provides the opportunity for citizens of all ages to participate in planned recreational and leisure activities.
  • Forestry—Maintains the City’s shade tree management program, which includes the removal of diseased trees, tree trimming, reforestation, and weed inspections.
  • Engineering—Services provided by the Engineering Department include building permits and inspections, rental housing licensing and inspections, code enforcement (nuisances), and project management and coordination of street and building improvement projects.
  • Public Works—The Public Works Department maintains the City’s government buildings, parks, and streets. Services include general building maintenance; turf maintenance; ballfield maintenance; park facility and equipment maintenance; street sweeping and patching; snow plowing; and maintaining street lights, signs, and traffic lights.
  • Debt Service—Represents the payments related to the borrowing of funds through the issuance of bonds or notes to pay for needed capital acquisitions and improvements.

Download a Pie Chart depicting percentage allocation of
costs to provide basic government services

Download Pie Charts depicting annual and monthly
costs for a median valued home.



Homesteading your property

Homeowners may apply for the homestead classification which may offer some property tax relief.

Apply for the homestead classification at Robbinsdale City Hall, 8 am–4 pm, or call 763-531-1217.

Download forms from Hennepin County

The Department of Revenue’s PDF Fact Sheets are helpful:


Hennepin County Logo Hennepin County provides assessing services

Beginning in February 2012, the City of Robbinsdale contracted with the Hennepin County Assessor to provide assessing services.

The assessor estimates market value and classifies properties for property tax purposes. Visit the Hennepin County Assessor and Hennepin County property information .

The market value of homes must be in compliance with standards established by the Minnesota Department of Revenue and Minnesota Statutes. The market value should also represent the most probable selling price of the property as of the assessment date.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue

Visit the Minnesota Revisor of Statutes


Why property taxes change

with Colleen Needles

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