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Robbinsdale City Hall

Robbinsdale City Hall

4100 Lakeview Avenue North
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Comprehensive Plan, zoning and economic development

The Comprehensive Plan guides land use.

The Comprehensive Plan contains the official policies for growth, redevelopment and infrastructure improvements, to guide land-use decisions, development requests, and public investments, based upon projections to the year 2030.

Robbinsdale’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan has been approved by Metropolitan Council , the regional policy-making body, planning agency, and provider of essential services for the Twin Cities metropolitan region.

Call Robbinsdale Community Development, 763-531-1269 or 763-531-1266.

Robbinsdale 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Acknowledgements and Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Community Background
Chapter 2
Land Use, Redevelopment and Community Image
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Public Facilities Transportation
Chapter 5
Public Facilities: Water, Sewer and Solid Waste
Chapter 6
Parks and Open Space
Appendix I
Functional Roadway Classification
Appendix II
Wellehad Protection Plan
Appendix IIIA
Stormwater Management Plan
Appendix IIIB
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Appendix IIIC
Crystal Lake Nutrient Total Maximum Daily Loads
Appendix IV
Water Supply
Community Development
763-531-1269 or 763-531-1266

Comprehensive Plan and economic development

The City’s Zoning Ordinance implements the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Community Development staff enforces zoning regulations, reviews proposed development applications for compliance and processes applications for approvals.

The City’s Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council about applications for development.

Zoning Ordinance Table of Contents
Chapter 1
General Info, Penalties, Enforcement
Chapter 2
City Council
Chapter 3
City Administration
Chapter 4
Building Code, Signs, Housing Maintenance Code
Chapter 5
Subdivision Regulations

Zoning district boundaries

Legal descriptions included in each district are listed alphabetically by plat. Where possible, the street address is shown in bold. If the street address is inconsistent with a legal description, the legal description governs.

Chapter 6
Public Health, Garbage, Adult uses, Food
Chapter 7
Public Utilities
Chapter 8
Streets, Sidewalks, Parks, Lakes, Trees
Chapter 9
Public Safety, Fire, Animals, Alarms, Weapons
Chapter 10
General License Information
Chapter 11
Business Licenses
Chapter 12
Liquor Licenses
Chapter 13
Traffic, Parking, Bikes
Chapter 14 - 19 Future use
Chapter 20
Misdemeanors, Nuisances, Skateboards, Curfew
Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Plan and economic development

REDA and it's predecessor, the Robbinsdale Housing and Redevelopment Authority, has been involved with redevelopment of homes since the 1970s.

Past development included the multiple Housing developments:

  • Robbins Landing
  • Lee Square Cooperative
  • Copperfield Hill
  • Lilac Parkway
  • Cunningham Apartments
  • Broadway Court
  • Robbins Way
  • The REDA was involved in the redevelopment of the school site at 42nd and Regent which includes townhome units, single family homes, a multi-garage addition to an existing apartment building and one-level cottages.

The REDA has redeveloped 300 single family homes around the city. Some homes were rehabilitated but most involved tearing down a substandard home and replacing it with a new, modern home. Redevelopment is implemented by selling vacant lots to builders but the REDA has also worked in partnership with Hennepin Technical College.

Comprehensive Plan

REDA has residential lots for sale.

REDA may consider dropping a sale price as much as 25% in order to get a home of higher value.

None of these lots have water or sewer utilities stubbed in.

4629 France Ave N Rare Opportunity - large estate-style lot at 4629 France Ave N - $74,900. Nearly 1 acre lot backs into wetland. Buildable area 100' frontage by 200' plus. Click here to view photo. Sale of lot contingent on approval of home design. Parties interested in proposing concept for development of home, call or email Marcia at 763-531-1258.
Quail Ridge Area Homes in this area must reflect the value and character of adjacent new homes. Call Rick for details at 763-531-1266 after reading requirements linked from the chart.
4507 Perry 69' x 100' Sold
4518 Regent Triangular 8900 sq.ft. See requirements
4524 Regent 50' x 105' approx.
4530 Regent 50' x 127'

Twin Oak Cul-de-sac Large 3-home parcel at the end of Twin Oak Drive extends into the “DNR Boat Launch” description. Map. Parties interested in proposing concept for development of three homes, call Marcia at 763-531-1258.

You may request to reserve one lot while working on your plans for a period of 3 months, with option to request an extension. The lot reservation fee of $500 may be applied towards your purchase price. If you wish to reserve multiple lots, REDA must approve your initial plan concept and timeframe.

Download a Lot Purchase Proposal and Sample Purchase Agreement in a PDF. Call or email Rick at 763-531-1266 or Marcia at 763-531-1258 for help with lot development requirements.

Subscribe to the Lots for Sale mailing list .Call Robbinsdale Community Development at 763-531-1269.

Comprehensive Plan

Housing programs, development, and opportunities

The City of Robbinsdale participates in programs administered by Hennepin County.

Federal funds

Hennepin County administers Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).

  • CDBG provides grants for decent housing and a suitable living environment, and to expand economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons.
  • HOME helps Hennepin County to fund affordable housing activities for very low and low-income families or individuals, homeless families, and persons with special needs.
  • NSP is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program for the purchase, rehabilitation and resale of foreclosed and abandoned properties.

State funds

Minnesota Housing finances affordable housing for low- and moderate-income Minnesotans. Visit their website.

Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC) and
Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority (REDA)

Robbinsdale contracts with GMHC to provide housing programs and services to Robbinsdale residents through its Housing Resource Center North, 2148 44th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55412. 612-588-3033. They can assist you with information on financing, rebates, free construction consultations and referrals.

For Section 8 - Rental assistance, call 651-602-1625.

Visit the GMHC webiste.

Hennepin County administers, on behalf of the City: CDBG, MHFA rehab funds, and the First Time Home Buyers Program.

The county contact for the CDBG and MHFA is 612-348-2235. Visit the GMHC webiste.

Visit Federal housing programs on the county website.

Visit Federal housing programs specifically for residents on the county website.

Housing programs, development, and opportunities

Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority (REDA) and the
Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC)

The REDA contracts with GMHC to provide housing programs and services to Robbinsdale residents through the GMHC Housing Resource Center-North.

Housing Resource Center can assist you with home improvement:

  • financing
  • rebates
  • free construction consultations
  • information and referrals about housing.

Housing Resource Center-North, 2148 44th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55412,

REDA Remodeling Incentive Rebates

Robbinsdale homeowners with a gross annual household income up to $90,530 are eligible for a rebate of up to 15% of home remodeling costs through the REDA Rehab Incentive Porgram. Maximum rebate of $3,000 per household based on income.

Gross Annual Income:

  • Up to $41,150 = 15% rebate
  • $41,151-65,840 = 12% rebate
  • $65,841-$90,530 =10% rebate

Before work is started, application must be approved by the GMHC Housing Resource Center. Applications will be denied if materials have been purchased or a contractor has already started work. Not eligible for this program are emergency repairs including sanitary sewer and plumbing work. Contractors must be licensed and permits must be obtained. Other restrictions apply. Call the HRC at 612-588-3033 or visit the GMHC Housing Resource Center.

Free Construction Consultations from GMHC

Construction Consultations may include

  • a visit to your home to discuss the home improvement project you are considering;
  • help with identifying solutions and prioritizing projects
  • a written scope of work to use to request bids
  • assistance with identifying licensed contractors
  • the review of bids, proposals or blueprints

In addition to home visits, a construction manager is available to answer questions by phone or to meet with you by appointment at the Housing Resources Center. Construction managers are seasoned professionals in residential construction.

GHMC also offers:

  • Home Improvement Financing: Secured and unsecured below-market financing is available for general home improvements and energy improvements. Call 612-588-3033 or visit GMHC’s website at
  • Low-Interest Home Improvement and Commercial Loans and Programs. Visit Financing and Incentives at Center for Energy and Environment (CEE).

Center for Energy and Environment is a local non-profit organization, which offers home improvement and commercial loans across the State of Minnesota.

Download a list of CEE Programs

Housing programs, development, and opportunities

Robbinsdale EDA (REDA) funded programs

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Housing programs, development, and opportunities