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Robbinsdale City Hall

Robbinsdale City Hall

4100 Lakeview Avenue North
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

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Public Works 4601 Toledo Avene North, 763-531-1202, Monday through Friday, 7am to 3:30pm
Our crew of 15 is cross-trained to work in all divisions.

Robbinsdale operates 5 municipal wells.

The City Water hardness is 24 grains, iron content is .02 parts per million after water is treated.

Hydrant Flushing: The City flushes hydrants twice a year, spring and fall to clean the water lines. Flushing may create a disturbance in the water main. Hydrant flushing is announced in utility bill stuffers and on the website.

Curb Stops: Property owners are responsible for water delivery from the main to the home, including the curbstop where water to the home can be shut off for maintenance. We can turn off your curb stop given 24 hour notice. The fee is $150 or $50 if it can’t be shut off.

Download a curbstop fact sheet .

Sewer Backup: Call 763-531-1202. After-hour emergencies, call the non-emergency police number, 763-531-1220.

Preventing Sewer Problems:

  • Do not flush dryer sheets, diapers, disposable wipes or personal hygiene products down your toilet.
  • Do not pour grease, oil or fats down your sink.
  • Older homes should have their sewer lines examined every 5 years.

Wellhead Protection Plan is in place on our wells. It protects the aquifers from which our wells pump our water.

Public Works

Lower Your water bills

Check for leaks:

Watermeter flow indicator

Toilets And Sinks: Ninety percent of high water usage is due to leaking toilets. Check your meter. If the low flow indicator, a small black triangle, is moving, water is going through the meter. Shut off the valve under a toilet and check the indicator. If it has stopped moving, you have discovered your leak. Check toilets, faucets and water softeners this way, including humidifiers and outside faucets. You can also put a couple of drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and if the water in the toilet bowl turns color you have a toilet tank leak.

Irrigation Systems: Irrigation systems may run too long or could be stuck.

Water Softeners: Water softeners may be regenerating too often or could be stuck. A good indicator of this is an increase in salt usage. Water softeners should be serviced by qualified personnel.

Public Works

Street Maintenance

Snow emergency, 763-531-1275

The City may call a snow emergency when snow reaches a depth of 2 inches. Once a snow emergency has been called, parking is not allowed on the streets until they have been plowed from curb-to-curb. Violators could be ticketed or towed.

Snow emergency notices are given to area mrdia and are recorded on our snow emergency phone, 763-531-1275.

Fire Hydrant Clearance

Residents with fire hydrants located near their homes or abutting their property can help the Fire Department and maintenance personnel by shoveling around fire hydrants immediately after a snowfall. Clear fire hydrants five feet on each side if possible. Every second counts in an emergency.

Snow Removal:

Snow plows: Stay Back, Stay Alive: During winter, many crashes involve snow removal equipment. Most of these crashes could have been avoided if drivers would give the plow driver room to work safely.

  • Yield to snowplows. Do not pass snowplows.
  • Slow down. Snow plows drive slower than posted speeds.
  • Never drive into a cloud of snow.
  • Be patient. Follow 8 seconds behind snowplows.
  • Stay alert. Test road surface before driving. Black ice is invisible.
  • Don’t use cruise control in the winter.

Snowplow operators are working to make roads as safe as possible for you.

Public Works

Trash carts

Place trash and recycling carts in a location that is both accessible for pick-up and out-of-the-way of snow removal operations.

Yard waste in the streets or parks

City Code prohibits property owners from putting grass clippings or other yard and garden debris into the gutters along street curbs. The debris plugs sewer grates and deteriorates water quality. Help us keep lakes and streets clean and storm sewers open, by using the city yard-waste hauler or composting.

Yard waste collection is part of residents’ solid waste collection service at no additional charge.

Public Works

Maintaining our parks

Pet owners

Use a leash and clean up after your dogs. By city ordinance, a person having the custody or control of a dog or cat may not permit the animal to be on a street, public park, school grounds or public place in the city without being restrained by chain or leash and must clean up feces of the animal and dispose of themin a sanitary manner.

Help Us Catch Vandals

Graffiti and vandalism in our parks is increasing. If you witness vandalism, contact the Robbinsdale Police Department at 763-531-1220 or call 911.

Crystal Lake Aeration

Minnesota Natural Resources requires the lake to have ice before the aerator can go in. Call 763-531-1202

Call before you Dig!
Gopher State One-Call is 811.

When you call prior to digging, utilities mark the utility conduits using colors:

  •  red   Electric
  • yellow   Gas, Oil, or Steam
  • orange  Communication - Catv
  •  dark blue  Water
  • purple  Reclaimed Water, Irrigation
  • dark green  Sewer
  • pink  Temporary Survey Markings
  • white  Proposed Excavation

Public Works


The department surveys, designs, estimates and prepares plans, reports and specifications for the construction of new streets, sidewalks, water mains, sanitary sewers and storm drains

For projects in construction and their status, visit our eGRam site .
A user account is required for some of the project information.

The department also ensures compliance of water quality and water quantity requirements established by
The Basset Creek Water Management Commission and
The Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission .


State and Federal Pollution Control Authority requirements

A 5 year plan in response to the State and Federal Pollution Control Authority requirements

In March 2003, the City of Robbinsdale prepared and adopted a 5 year plan of actions to improve the quality of stormwater runoff into our receiving waters and the waterways of downstream communities.

For the the community involvement part of the plan, we welcome your comments and suggestions.


Private construction projects

The Engineering Department reviews and inspects private construction projects to determine compatibility with sanitary sewers and storm drains.

We investigate drainage complaints.

We maintain records of location and depth of as-built sanitary sewers, storm drains and water mains, and maintain and provide flood zone information.

Coordination between the City and others

The department provides coordination between the City and consultants, contractors, developers and various government agencies.

Municipal State Aid Street System and the Pavement Management System .

Special assessments: as-built records of improvement and address maps.

Proposes construction projects for the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan .

Recommendations for municipal improvements including residential streets and sidewalks, sanitary sewers, street lighting, alleys, and storm sewers.

Capital Improvement Plans are updated every year View a map of the 5 year Capital Works Plan for December 2013 ;
or the Plan for December 2012 .