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Robbinsdale Police and Fire

Robbinsdale Police and Fire

4101 Hubbard Avene North
Robbinsdale, Minnesota 55422
8 a.m.-4:30pm

Fax 763-536-1383

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Mission: To promote a Partnership of employees and community working together to create a better quality of life and to preserve a small town atmosphere for Robbinsdale. Vision: To be an organization that values its employees and the community we serve. We are committed to integrity and professionalism We are dedicated to the compassion and respect of our citizens.

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Police Services

Our goals: safety, partnerships, service and technology

Community Safety

Ensure the physical well-being and security of personal property and a sense of safety among citizens, business, government, employees and visitors.

Creating Partnerships

with youth, volunteers and neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life in Robbinsdale.

Customer Service

through interactive management with our customers.


to engage in enforcement activities and projects that will help reduce crime and assist employees in their responsibilities.

Police Services

Organizational Structure of the Robbinsdale Police Department

Hierarchical diagram of the police department’s structure.

Police Services


Crime Mapping helps the public make better decisions about safety.

Crime Mapping is provided at no cost by RAIDS Online. The service can automatically alerting the public about recent crime activity and by improving communication between the public and law enforcement through anonymous tips.

Sign up for neighborhood crime activity reports.

Criminal Incidents

↕ Scroll for more 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Murder 1 0 0 0 1
Rape 0 1 0 3 1
Robbery 16 17 18 17 23
Assault 11 17 24 14 18
Burglary 89 113 104 139 143
Larceny, Theft 314 332 305 328 391
Auto Theft 33 24 17 25 32
Arson 0 2 0 1 2
Other Assaults 120 125 118 138 139
Forgery 23 13 34 38 19
Fraud 51 55 59 65 62
Embezzlement 0 0 1 0 0
Stolen Property 13 11 6 10 15
Vandalism 134 122 131 158 236
Weapons 9 9 15 9 5
Prostitution 0 0 0 0 0
Other Sex Offenses 24 23 23 15 12
Narcotics 108 124 88 78 51
Gambling 0 0 0 0 0
Family and Children 8 11 19 14 11
DWI 159 224 115 187 232
Liquor Laws 16 9 9 13 9
Drunkenness 0 0 0 0 0
Disorderly 35 37 32 30 28
Vagrancy 0 0 0 0 1
Other, eg, Traffic 298 259 249 222 250

Police Services

Frequently Asked Questions


The Robbinsdale Police Department enforces the Hennepin County curfew ordinance

  Sunday through Thursday Friday and Saturdays
Under 12 Home by 9pm Home by 10pm
Ages 12-14 Home by 10pm Home by 11pm
Ages 15-17 Home by 11pm Home by Midnight

Youth found in public or public-access areas may be issued a curfew ticket if not accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult. Public areas include, but are not limited to, streets, alleys, parks, parking lots, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations and schools.

Parents who allow children to stay out past curfew, or businesses that allow children to remain in businesses past curfew, can receive a misdemeanor ticket, which is punishable by fine up to $700 and 90 days in jail.

Noise Ordinance

Robbinsdale City Code 2005.15. Subd. 1

Parties: gatherings. Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. it is unlawful to participate in a party or gathering of people from which noise or music emanates in sufficient volume such as to unreasonably disturb the peace, quiet or repose of persons residing in a residential area.

The city council may, in its discretion, approve a request for extended hours for an event. Amended, Ord. No. 03-05

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing, Dog and Cat License Form

It is unlawful to harbor, own, or keep a dog or cat more than six months of age within the city unless the animal is licensed and has been vaccinated against rabies. The license of a dog or cat must be evidenced by a tag provided by the city. The tag must be affixed to a collar by a permanent metal fastener. The owner or keeper of the dog or cat must see that the tag is continuously worn by the animal.

Licenses can be obtained from City Hall at 4100 Lakeview Ave N and are good for two years, expiring annually on December 31. You may fill out the dog or cat license form and either bring it to City Hall or mail it to Pet License, City of Robbinsdale, 4100 Lakeview Ave N along with proof of vacination and appropriate fee. Dog and cat tags are not transferable. No refunds will be made on a dog or cat license fee paid because the animal leaves the city or dies before the expiration of the license period.

The cost for licensing a dog or cat is:

Required Confinement

Dogs or cats may not be on an unfenced area or lot abutting upon a street, public park, public place, or upon other private land in the city without being effectively restrained from or entering beyond such unfenced area or lot. Dogs or cats may not be on a street, public park, school grounds or public place in the city without being effectively restrained by chain or leash not exceeding six feet in length.

A person having the custody or control of a dog or animal of the dog kind must clean up any feces of the animal and to dispose of such feces in a sanitary manner.

Keeping of dogs limited

No person or group of persons may own or keep more than three dogs exceeding six months of age on the premises where they reside.

Keeping of cats limited

No person or group of persons may own or keep more than four cats exceeding eight months of age on the premises where they reside without having first obtained a Multi-Cat Residence License.

Application for the Multi-Cat Residence License shall be made to the City Manager. The City Manager shall administratively approve or deny the license. Licenses issued for Multi-Cat residences are good for two years expiring annually on December 31.

Any resident who chooses to appeal the administrative denial of the Multi-Cat Residence License may appeal that decision to the City Council. The City Manager or City Council may impose conditions upon the granting of any Multi-Cat Residence License. The maximum number of cats allowed under a Multi-Cat Residence License is 12. Properties holding a Multi-Cat Residence License shall be maintained in a clean and healthful condition at all times, and shall be open to inspection by the City Manager at all reasonable times.

The owner or keeper of an animal shall not allow such animal to make noise so as to cause unreasonable annoyance, disturbance, or discomfort to any person.

Public Nuisance

Dogs or cats may not be kept in an unsanitary place or condition or in a manner that results in noisome odors or in such a way as to constitute a disturbance by reason of barking, howling, fighting, or other noise or in such a way as to permit dogs or cats to annoy, injure, or endanger persons or property. A dog or cat may not be tied or leashed or chained to the side of a house or to a fence, post, or other structure in a side lot, that is, the area between two houses running from the front to back of the longest principal building.

Impounding, Boarding and Care

The City of Robbinsdale contracts with the City of Golden Valley for the boarding and care of impounded animals. Owners of impounded animals must first pay impound fees at the Robbinsdale Police Department before making arrangements with the City of Golden Valley. Owners who have lost their animals may call the Robbinsdale Police Department directly at 763-531-1220, or visit the Golden Valley website where pictures of all animals currently impounded, and where each was found, are posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snow Emergencies

Following a snowfall of at least two inches, the City of Robbinsdale may declare a Snow Emergency. Once declared, parking may not resume on a street, highway or alley until it has been plowed and the snow removed to the curb line. To help facilitate the City’s snow plowing effort, the police department will begin ticketing and towing parked vehicles during this time.

How do I know if a Snow Emergency has been declared?

Call the Snow Emergency Hot Line at 763-531-1275. Though local media (including KSTP-TV, KARE-TV, KMSP-TV, Cable 12 TV, WCCO-TV and WCCO Radio) are notified of Robbinsdale’s snow emergency, the stations do not guarantee the announcement will be broadcast. Also note that snow depths are measured in Robbinsdale and may not coincide with the snow depths reported at the Minneapolis Twin Cities Airport.

Where else can I park?

Robbinsdale does not have any approved snow emergency parking locations. Residents are encouraged to coordinate with friends, family and neighbors to determine an alternate parking location during a declared snow emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Accidents

You need to contact the police department if an injury is involved or if there is public property damaged in the crash. Police do not need to be contacted for minor property damage crashes. However, if you feel that an officer’s presence is desirable, please call 911 and explain the situation to the dispatcher.

File a Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Report with the State of Minnesota if the total damage between both vehicles exceeds $1,000 or if someone is injured. Report forms are available at any police department and from the Minnesota Public Safety

Vehicle Impounds

North Suburban Towing, 5170 West Broadway, Crystal, MN, 55429, 763-535-2201, tows vehicles for the Robbinsdale Police Department.

Most vehicles can be picked up after all requirements of the release are met at the impound lot.

  • valid drivers license
  • proof of ownership
  • proof of insurance

Unless the vehicle is subject to forfeiture or some other special circumstance exists, vehicles are no longer released at the police department.

If your vehicle was towed by the Minnesota State Patrol, call 763-591-4680.

The Robbinsdale Police Department does not respond to requests to open locked vehicles.

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances such as a child or pet locked inside, calls to open a locked vehicle will be referred to a local locksmith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Police Reports

To obtain a copy of a police or accident report, a request can be made by mail, e-mail, phone or in-person. It is helpful to provide us with details such as incident date, time, location, and case number when requesting a report.

The report will be released pursuant to Minnesota data practices laws. Reports eligible for release can be mailed, faxed or given to you directly.

25 cents per page is charged for any report that is more than three pages., e.g., a four-page report will cost $1.

Property and Evidence Release

Property confiscated by, or given to, the police department is placed into our property and evidence room.

To retrieve your property, make an appointment by calling 763-531-1220.

Frequently Asked Questions

Restraining orders are issued by the Hennepin County courthouse.

Once the restraining order has been issued, it must be served before it is in effect. At that point, if the order is violated, the police can act upon it.

If you need an order for protection or a restraining order regarding a domestic assault or abuse issue, contact Project Peace at 763-533-0733 or call the Hennepin County Domestic Abuse Hotline at 612-348-5073.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gun Permits

Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application Permit To Carry A Pistol can be downloaded from Minnesota Public Safety or picked up at the Robbinsdale Police Department and be submitted in person at Minnesota Public Safety. The police department only processes applications to purchase a firearm. Permits to carry a firearm are processed at the county. If you live in Hennepin County, visit the Hennepin County website or call 612-348-3755.

Requirements for Purchase

  • Application Approval
  • Be a resident of Robbinsdale.
  • Complete the application fully, writing legibly and omitting no required information.
  • Pass all background checks and conform to all restrictions set forth by Federal and Minnesota State Law.

Allow 10 business days to process the application. If you are approved, you will be required to pick up the gun permit at the Robbinsdale Police Department, and must provide a picture Minnesota Drivers License or Identification Card. If you are not approved, you will be mailed a letter which explains the reason for denial. A permit to purchase is valid for one year. You do not need to renew your permit to continue to own firearms you have already purchased.


Fingerprinting services are provided by the police department to Robbinsdale residents for purposes related to adoption, licensing, immigration, and employment. There is a $20 fee for this service. Contact the Police Department at 763-531-1220 to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions