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Robbinsdale City Hall

Robbinsdale City Hall

4100 Lakeview Avenue North
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

Home buying, selling; title company closing

Determining unpaid City bills and special assessments

The City makes every effort to ensure accurate information. Neither the City of Robbinsdale nor its employees assumes any liability for errors or omissions.

The status of utility account balances including delinquent amounts which may have been assessed to property taxes must be obtained by by calling 763 531 1211.

Point of Sale – Residential Homes

Robbinsdale's Point of Sale ordinance requires a disclosure report prepared by independent certified evaluators hired by the seller. It applies to single family homes, twin homes, townhouses, and condominiums, except new construction.

Licensed evaluators walk through homes prior to their being placed on the market and shown for sale.

Reports list items which are acceptable, or below standards and require repairs.

Home buying, selling; title company closing

Point of Sale inspection certified evaluator.

Any person qualified to perform Point of Sale or truth-in-housing inspections in the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul or Bloomington can become certified in Robbinsdale.

To obtain certification,

Download a list of evaluators certified in Robbinsdale.

A Buyers Responsibility Form is required for buyers assuming responsibility from sellers for repair and replace items identified in the Disclosure Report.

Call 763 531 1266 for assistance.

Home buying, selling; title company closing

Quick list of Point of Sale Repair and Replace requirements
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General conditions

  • Potential for imminent structural failure
  • Severe deterioration of walls and floors
  • No water. No hot water. No electricity.
  • Staircase or stoop cannot support load
  • Sump pump without proper discharge piping
  • Missing and improperly installed smoke detectors
  • Floor coverings with trip hazards
  • Broken glass and exposed edges with cut hazard
  • Chimney structurally unsafe—visible deterioration of flue liner

Water heater and boiler

  • scorched, missing or broken valves
  • leaking
  • installed on combustible surface that guidelines prohibit
  • no temperature, pressure relief valve
  • missing, inoperative, improperly located discharge pipe
  • flue improperly installed, evidence of back spillage
  • no combustion air


  • unsanitary plumbing fixtures. missing vent stacks
  • improperly abandoned plumbing lines
  • improperly operating or no sink in kitchen
  • improperly operating or no sink in or near toilet room
  • no toilet facility
  • no water connections to shower or tub
  • improper repairs allowing sewer gas in leaks
  • broken, cracked, leaking fixtures
  • improperly capped, abandoned drain lines
  • water must flow at least a pencil width in lowest tap
  • no anti-syphon ball cock in toilet
  • visible leakage in waste lines
  • Electrical

    • over-fused, tampering or alteration of wiring
    • improper grounding of electrical outlets
    • extension cords used as wiring—under floors or through wall
    • broken electrical receptacles, missing cover plates
    • No GFCI in remodeled bath areas
    • exterior mast broken or improperly secured
    • electric wires over outside pool or hot tub

    Gas connection

    • Kinked, deteriorated or improperly connected gas pipes
    • Unapproved gas connector
    • Broken, seized, or inoperable gas valves
    • Improperly capped or plugged gas valves

    Heating system problems

    • signs of leakage, cracks in combustion chamber, uneven discoloration of heat exchanger
    • cracked or damaged casing
    • improper clearance to combustibles
    • missing or defective shut off
    • heating system flue not properly installed or sealed, holes caused by rust or corrosion
    • free standing gas space heater that takes own combustion air from room

    Clutter - egress obstruction

    Sanitation - excessive garbage

    Vermin infestations

    Schedule an inspection after the point of sale Repair and Replace is completed, 763 531 1268

Home buying, selling; title company closing

Building permits

Guidelines for selecting a contractor

  • Always Hire a Licensed Contractor
  • Ask for references
  • Avoid Contractors who:
    • Engage in high pressure sales tactics
    • Refuse to give written estimates or Contracts
    • Fail to obtain the required permits
    • Do not provide their License number
    • Request full or substantial payment before the work begins
  • Before you agree to a Contract:
    • Require that the Contract be in writing
    • Require that the Contract include:
      • A summary of the work to be completed
      • A description of the materials or a list of standard features
      • The total Contract price or an explanation of how the Contract
        price will be calculated
      • A Start Date and a Completion Date
  • Changes to a Contract should be in writing

Building Permits

Rental Housing Rental License Application   Property Information  

A license is required by the City for rental dwellings.

The license verifies that the property is registered for occupancy and has met the minimum requirements set forth by the City for rental units. Licensing requires that the property has been inspected for health and safety concerns and that corrections have been completed.


  • Each rental property must apply for a license every two years.
  • A new owner must apply for a new license.
  • The license application has fee information.
  • Dwellings licensed under the Rental Housing Program must still be inspected prior to sale even if they were inspected during the present license period.

View the Housing Maintenance Code which starts on page 27 of Chapter IV of the City Building Code.

Property Information from Hennepin County website.

Rental Property Owner’s Orientation

Rental properties that change owners or are converted from owner-occupied residences require an inspection and the new owner must attend Rental Property Owner's Orientation. Call 763-531-1266 to make arrangements. Crime free housing training and certification is required.

Each rental property must apply for a license every two years. The license application has fee information.

After the application and fee is received, an inspection will be scheduled. Violations discovered by the inspection will be cited and the owner given a timetable for corrections, depending upon the seriousness of each violation. Once corrections are made and fees paid, a license will be issued.

Rental Housing

Reporting Rental Housing Violations

To report conditions that violate the safety and habitability of a building call 763 531-1261 weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Rental Housing

Zoning ordinance and code Zoning Map   Robbinsdale Map from Google  

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning classification can be determined using the legal description of the property. Legal Descriptions are listed alphabetically for all property in a district except properties zoned R-1, Single Family Residential. The property is zoned R-1 if it is not found in any other district.

Download the Robbinsdale Zoning Map .

You will need to know the general location and the legal description of the property.

A map of Robbinsdale may assist you.

Zoning Ordinance and Code

Zoning Code

Zoning section of the Robbinsdale City Code

City Code provides the rules and regulations for where buildings may be built and what types of uses are allowed in the various zoning districts established by the City Council. The Zoning Ordinance includes the minimum lot size and flood plain information.

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Section 505
General Info

505.01. Title.

505.03. Purpose and intent.

505.05. Application and interpretation.

505.07. Uses.

505.09. Definitions.

Section 510 Zoning:
districts, general provisions

510.01. Districts.

510.03. Boundaries.

510.05. Uses not provided for.

510.07. Non-conforming buildings, structures and uses.

510.08. Curing non-permitted uses and structures.

510.09. Lots.

510.11. Accessory buildings, uses and equipment.

510.13. Yards.

510.15. General building requirements.

510.17. Off-street parking.

510.19. Off-street loading.

510.21. Land reclamation.

510.23. Building permits.

510.25. General performance standards.

Section 515 Zoning:
residential districts

R-1, R-2, R-3, R-B, townhouse, cooperative and condominium development

515.01. R-1, single family residential district.

515.03. R-2, single and two-family residential district.

515.05. R-3, medium density residential district.

515.07. R-B, residential-business district.

515.09. Townhouse, cooperative, condominium development.

Section 517 Zoning:
public facilities district

Section 520 Zoning:
commercial districts

520.01. B-1, neighborhood commercial district.

520.03. B-2, limited commercial district.

520.05. B-3, highway commercial district.

520.07. B-4, community business district.

520.09. NG, neighborhood grocery district.

Section 521 Zoning:
downtown district

521.01. DD-1, downtown district

521.03 DD-2, downtown transition & transit district

Section 525 Zoning:
industrial districts

525.01. B-W, business-warehouse district.

Section 530.01 Zoning:
special districts and regulated uses

530.01. Flood plain management district.

Section 530.02 Zoning:

530.02 pawnbrokers, secondhand goods dealer, consignment house dealers, auction house dealers and traders district regulations

Section 530.04 Zoning:
adult establishments

Section 530.05 Zoning:
planned unit development

Section 535 Zoning:
administration and enforcement

535.01. Conditional use permits.

535.03. Rezoning and text amendments.

535.05. Variances and appeals.

535.07. Certificate of occupancy.

535.09. Enforcement and penalties.

535.11. Use permit.

535.13. Procedures for adopting and amending the comprehensive plan.

535.15. Fees.